About Revive Insurance - Team Sorensen Insurance
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About Revive Insurance

Meet Our Licensed Health Insurance Agents

At Revive Insurance, we are committed to helping you find a health insurance plan that is best suited to you. We know that shopping for health insurance by yourself is a long, confusing process. We’re here to pull you out of all that confusion and provide you with the clarity and straightforward answers you need—at no cost to you!


Ivun Sorensen, Licensed Agent, Owner

Ivun has been in the insurance business saving people money and helping to create a culture of financial stability for over 10 years. Ivun works diligently to educate clients on the importance of financial preparedness.


Ira Sorensen, Licensed Agent

Ira is very detailed, organized, and motivated in his work to help out families how ever he can.

Allan Boothe, Licensed Agent

Allan thoroughly enjoys working with people and strives to help individuals and families make informed choices that will offer them peace of mind… whether it be health insurance, life insurance, or retirement planning.

Laura Holt, Licensed Agent

Laura began her insurance career in customer relations as she worked to maintain solid relationships with clients. One of her main goals has always been to help each client personally and give great service.

Kana Carlson, Licensed Agent

Kana specializes in customer relationships and business administration and has years of experience with Revive Insurance and is always ready to assist our valued clients with their needs.


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With over 35 years of experience, our agents at Revive Insurance specialize in identifying health insurance plans that are a good fit for your specific situation and needs, and helping you hone in on which one plan is the best match. We’re experts at comparing plans, pointing out the differences, and highlighting those small print items that could affect you down the road. With our ObamaCare and ACA certifications, we offer you guidance as you consider those options as well.


Even after we’ve helped you choose a plan, we don’t leave you out in the cold. We will always be your health insurance agents, and be available to answer your questions and adjust your health insurance for new life situations. We’re in your corner!

ObamaCare Help

We'll answer any questions you have about the Affordable Care Act and help you identify if you qualify.

Family Plans

Make sure your family has the right health insurance coverage at the best price.

Plans for Employers

From small businesses to large corporations, we'll help you find an insurance plan that's the perfect fit.

Individual Plans

Just need a health insurance plan for yourself? We'll help you find the best policy.

Long-Term Care

Get the coverage you need to help you through your health condition or chronic illness.

Student Health Insurance

Need a different amount of coverage than what your school offers? We'll help explore your options!