Frequently Asked Questions - Team Sorensen Insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use a Health Insurance Agent?

Nothing! Zip! Nada! We’re not joking. You can use us as your personal health insurance consultants at absolutely no cost to you!

We know what you’re thinking though: “…so, if we’re not paying you, then how do you get paid?” Our agents are paid by the health insurance carriers you know and trust to help you find the best plan, and help you understand how to use it. We’re here to help you—so there is really no reason to not use a health insurance agent. You will never get a bill from us, or see an increase in the cost of your insurance plan.

Which states does Revive Insurance represent?

We help clients all across the United States. We do specialize in the Western States, however, if you are from the East, we can still help you, or refer you to a health insurance agent we trust who knows your area better.

Which Insurance Carriers do you work with?

Our list is extensive, but you can see the major carriers we work with here.

Do I need to have Health Insurance?

Yes! Not only is it a necessity for your finances (medical bills are expensive!), but because of the Affordable Care Act, not having health insurance will result in a tax penalty.