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Why Use A Health Insurance Agent?

Insurance Shopping is Confusing and Frustrating


In the search for good health insurance, you can easily get overwhelmed by the hundreds of options available to you. Studying up on various insurance plans, there are probably a whole bunch of terms you don’t understand, and after sifting through dozens of different plan options, all of them start to look the same.


Even if one plan looks decent, you may be unaware of another plan that is a better fit for your specific situation, or that will help you save in the long-run.

The Benefits of Using a Health Insurance Agent


Health insurance agents specialize in simplifying the entire process of finding health insurance for you.


Benefits of using a health insurance agent include:


  • You don’t pay your agent a cent!
  • Quickly identify plans that fit your specific needs
  • Gain access to both on and off-the-market plans
  • Ensure you’re paying the best price for the coverage you’re receiving
  • Agents clarify the “fine print” that could be crucial to your coverage needs
  • Save time that you would spend researching on your own
  • Have a knowledgeable expert in your corner to consult with, both now and in the future

Because you can use a health insurance agent at no cost to you, there is really no reason not to use an agent and benefit from their expertise. Insurance carriers pay our health insurance agents to help people like you. You only pay for your health insurance plan itself, and you will never get a bill from us!

Finding the Perfect Fit


Whether you need a personal insurance plan for your family, are curious about Obamacare, or need a health care plan for your employees, our experienced agents at Revive Insurance will stay by your side and guide you through the entire process.


After we help you the first time, you won’t be left on your own; we will always be your health insurance agents. That means we’re always happy to answer questions and provide guidance down the road.

Ready to explore all your options? Let’s find the best fit for you.